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Best racing games out?

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Best racing games out? Vide
PostSubject: Best racing games out? Best racing games out? EmptyThu Nov 25, 2010 11:56 am

Hello i was wondering if you guys could help me with a good racing game to purchase. Now that GT5 is out ive been in the mood for a cool racing game but im not much of a sim racer. Sounds sad but the last racing game i played and loved was Need For Speed Most Wanted on the Xbox 360. Now im in need of a great racing game. if you guys could list some good ones i would really appreciate it. And please im really in need of the features below, no answers just saying "NEED FOR SPEED FTW!!!!" that doesn't say much to help me thank you.

List of interests

-Open World,
-Full Car Customization (body kit,Rims,Paint,Decals,Nos,ect.....) ,
-Real licensed cars,
-Good graphics/Car Models,
-Amount of cars LOTS!!!,
-Fun Environment/Location (ramps,shortcuts,secrets....),
-Fun Online,
-Great support by developers - keeps updating with new content DLC
-Custom Soundtrack (MUSIC)

so yeah help me out please and thank you.
download 7zip
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Best racing games out?

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